Thursday, 29 January 2015 17:16

Save 1000's on your French mortgage

Written by  Joe Wroe
Deciding to finance your dream home now could save you just shy of £50,000. A recent year on year comparison of the best rates available to non-resident purchases has seen large movements in your favour for both the interest rates for French Mortgages and the exchange rates for converting your Sterling to Euros.

Take a standard €250,000, fixed rate, repayment mortgage product from January 2014; the interest rate you would have fixed over 20 years would have been 3.75% making your monthly repayments €1,482. The Identical product today has a much more favourable interest rate of 2.9% (almost a whole 1% cheaper), which would make your monthly repayments over the 20 year term €1,375. When this is combined with the Sterling to Euro exchange rate which recently tipped over €1.30 for each £1, the sterling equivalent of your repayments will have dropped from £1,235 to £1,049.

If you take the time to calculate the final outcome of this drop in repayments you will reach the conclusion the cost of the identical property one year ago was £44,517 more expensive than it is today.

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Article written by Joe Wroe of International Private Finance

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