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Eco investment in the Dordogne

Written by  Graham Brown
The South West of France, has for many decades been the summer holiday destination of choice for families across Europe seeking something more than just sandy beaches.Virtually the whole area is attractive hill country, full of old villages, castles, small country towns and plenty of scope for relaxing and enjoyable holidays, providing the perfect opportunity to escape from the pressures of urban life.

The air is amongst the cleanest in Europe, the locally produced food is fresh and frequently prepared and cooked to a standard that gives the area the reputation of being a foodies paradise, with considerable justification.

Despite having good weather for most of the year, in fact this region has a near perfect climate for a healthy lifestyle, once the summer tourists have gone, the rental gites and farm cottages closed up the area settles back into a tranquil haven for those lucky enough to call this region home.

Having such a short rental season and with an oversupply (most of the year) of cheap rental accommodation has meant that the area has been overlooked, until now, for resort style accommodation that has proven to be massively popular across many parts of the world.

There is however a rapidly increasing demand for both eco-tourism and sustainable living.  So, exactly what does eco-tourism / sustainable living mean?

Probably the best person to answer that question is Graham Brown, managing director of Revive Ltd, whose company are creating a mixed use (tourism and residential) resort in the grounds of the former abby Notre Dame de la Cabane in Cublac.

As Graham stated:

“The key for us is attracting year round guests; this then enables us to offer highly attractive buy-to-let packages for both professional investors and future retirees / seasonal visitors”.  

To achieve this we will be concentrating on aspects like Eco-Gastronomy. Today, a solid wine list and locally grown and raised food is a must for anybody trying to attract the high end eco market.  Premium craft beers, bio dynamic wines, responsibly caught seafood, hormone-free poultry and grass-fed beef are just a few examples of how culinary trends have conquered sustainable gastronomy.

This fits perfectly with our own agro tourism objectives… The possibility to experience agricultural projects that exist in harmony with nature is a very attractive feature.  Not surprisingly the most popular experiences involve wine and beer.

The other key ingredient is: Wellness beyond a massage and facial.  Many guests are bored with spas and mainstream wellness offers that are available in the market. What’s special about a massage in a closed in soulless air-conditioned room?  We know that guests are exploring the idea of wellness more and more through their nutrition, an exercise routine for body and soul, a connection with their natural surroundings and an appreciation of a sense of place. As a result we will be offering a range of highly innovative wellness plans catering for the usual weight-loss and detox through to emotional, psychological and sexual / relationship well being.  

Of course, wellness is very personal, what for one person is an easy stroll or ride through our acres of woodlands to another is a major physical challenge, which is why our programs are medically structured and monitored.

The company also plan to take ecology very seriously by ensuring that they don’t just “rave” about their eco-credentials when mentioning energy efficient light bulbs and a program of not changing linens every day.  To make a true difference in their communities, hotels and resorts will have to go beyond that point. For example,  how about getting rid of all plastic drink bottles or serving only responsibly caught seafood? How about moving from recycling to “refusing” products and educating clients about consuming local products only.

For their project in Cublac, Revive are going to the extremes, firstly by ensuring that the properties use really low levels of energy both by super insulating them and ensuring that all appliances are highly energy efficient.  By doing this the company believes that they will be able to produce all of the resorts energy on site using green renewable energy sources such as solar and kinetic. This considerable investment will mean that the resort is Carbon Positive, which is really great for the planet and future generations, it is also great for the property owners who will benefit from 10-years free electricity.

Another factor that’s really unusual is that rather opting for traditional cottages they have opted for a style of villa that is designed for ease of living as well as the forecast hotter summer and warmer winters.  For example, one of the villas styles has an extended covered deck area and breezeways, similar to those found in the Caribbean. This design makes  to perfect for the drinks or a BBQ no matter what the time of day.

In addition to the villas the resort also offers a range of fully furnished high spec apartments which are perfect for professional investors and seasonal visitors looking to make money out of their investment.  In fact, the company are offering fantastic managed rental packages and zero interest loans.

If you would like to know more about this affordable eco-tech resort then visit us at http://ledesir.info
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