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Learning French through working in the Dordogne

Written by  Jemma Simkins
In order to start a business in France, you must first register with the relevant organisation. For craft businesses, such as building, hairdressing, cake making etc, it is the Chambre De Metiers. For buying and selling items, it is the Chambre De Commerce.

This website will put you in touch with the relevant Chambre once you have entered which activity you will be carrying out

You can register online through this site for free or if you prefer you can visit their offices where a member of staff will complete your registration for you but at a cost of 85 euros (price as at May 2015).

For those registering with the Chambre De Metiers, once your business has been successfully registered, you will then be asked to attend a 5 day course called a Stage D'Installation. This course aims to teach you about the different tax regimes in France and also what is required and when etc. This course is free.

And along with this obligatory course, the Chambre De Metiers offers you the chance to complete an online, distance learning course on French language with Intercountry. At a cost of 90 euros (as of May 2015), you can get over 1000 euros worth of French training.

The way it works, is that you are signed in to a distance learning course and must carry out around 2 hours of exercises per week. Then once a week, you must call a designated French tutor who will go over what you have learnt. The call lasts for one hour and is mostly in French, however the course is totally adapted to suit your level so do not be put off by this. After all, the tutors are there to encourage you to improve on your French language step by step.

The course runs for a period of 10 weeks but you can extend if needed.

So step by step to obtaining subsided French lessons:

1. Register your activity with the Chambre De Metiers.

2. Request the French course through one of their English speaking team members.

3. Send a cheque of 90 euros.

4. A member of the Intercountry language training course will call you to introduce you to the course.

5. Take a diagnostics test to determine your current level.

6. Then each week, complete your exercises and speak to your tutor.

Most people who relocate to France will tell you that the hardest thing in French is talking on the telephone so this course really throws you in at the deep end but having said that, if you can master speaking French on the telephone, face to face conversations will be a walk in the park!

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